Meet the Team

A four-woman team that's unlearning everyday through our beautiful community.

Muskaan Gupta | Communication and Design Coordinator

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Muskaan believes that less is more. She was introduced to sustainability while managing her own fabric waste. She recently studied Fashion Entrepreneurship and is exploring ethical and sustainable ways to create prints. Always illustrating, she has started a print shop with cute posters and bookmarks. She loves to procrastinate by admiring chirping birds, fallen leaves, and the moon.

Himangi Singh | Community and Events Coordinator

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Himangi’s tryst with sustainable living came about four years ago in the Sadhna forest, Pondicherry. She has spent the last six years working for workers' rights and women empowerment in the garment supply chain. When she isn’t at work, she can be found trekking the Himalayas. As someone who is passionate about sustainable fashion, she feels it's destiny that she came across like-minded people at SUSS.

Gauri Sharma | Co-Founder

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Having spent the last seven years driving sustainability within large businesses, Gauri started SUSS as a Facebook group in 2018 to connect with like-minded people, and now she's a proud mama with over 600 community members! True to her Gemini spirits, you'll either find her randomly breaking into yoga asanas or writing her master's thesis on circular fashion. ​

Lavanya Garg | Co-Founder

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Lavanya's entry into this space four years ago was the accidental result of an inquiry into the lives of women who make our clothes. Since then she’s been working in garment factories, understanding why worker wellbeing programs are not yet at the heart of business strategy. Not so long ago she studied economics, has recently started discovering Urdu, and will be happy to share a million pictures of her cat.

SUSS Ninjas

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