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About SUSS

SUSS started in 2018 as a community and movement to drive conversations, build collaborations, and inspire action on sustainable fashion in India. We do this through our events, experiences and digital content. 

650+ engaged community members on our Facebook Group

700+ unique attendees to our events

12 events organized

*As of May 2020

Fashion has a sustainability problem.

It's hard to imagine that an industry that clothes billions and employs millions contributes to some of the world's worst social and environmental crises.


But there's hope brewing.


Of course, these are overwhelming and scary problems. But wheels are turning and the world is at the cusp of change. Across India, where clothes are made and consumerism is rising, there's hope brewing as sustainability hustlers -- individuals and organizations -- are working to improve the industry, challenge the norms, and make fashion a force for good.
IMG_20180701_185153 (2).jpg

We bring them together.


SUSS is a passionate community and platform of conscious consumers, designers, brands, students, industry professionals, writers, film-makers, and others to discover new ideas, support each other, and collaborate on projects. The bigger picture? To move the needle on sustainable fashion.
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