What comes to your mind when you hear that word?

Clothes? Shoes? Shopping? Trends? Bloggers? What about sustainability? Wait, what?

Fashion has a sustainability problem.

An industry that clothes billions and employs millions, is riddled with a myriad of social and environmental challenges that need our immediate attention.


It's not all bad news.

Yes, these are overwhelming, scary problems – but things are a-changing!

Across India, there are sustainability hustlers -- individuals and organizations that are working to improve the industry, challenge the norms, and make fashion a force for good.

SUSS brings them all together.

SUSS is a passionate community and platform of conscious consumers, designers, brands, students, industry professionals, writers, film-makers, and others to discover new ideas, support each other, and collaborate on projects. The bigger picture? To move the needle on sustainable fashion.

  • A conscious consumer that’s looking for inspiration and ideas

  • A brand or designer that’s has sustainability at the core of your business

  • A non-profit, industry professional or consultant that’s solving critical problems in the fashion supply chain

  • A student or academic that’s keen to work at the intersection of fashion and sustainability

  • A writer or film-maker that’s keen to create more awareness about sustainable fashion

  • Or just curious

You could be -

To be a part of the conversation. 

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