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Meet The Team

A two-woman team that's unlearning everyday through our beautiful community. Our paths crossed while working together on well-being projects for apparel workers and we've been inseparable since. No seriously, we're practically the same person, barring a few quirks.


Gauri Sharma|Co-Founder | 

Community & Partnerships Head

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Few months back, Gauri started SUSS as a Facebook group and forced some people to join to get the community going. She's happy to report that those days are behind her and she's now a proud mama with 400+ community members engaging and collaborating with each other organically (sustainable verb)! You'll find her randomly breaking into yoga asanas, rapping the latest Eminem verse or studying for her part-time sustainability master's program.


Lavanya Garg|Co-Founder | Communications & Content Head

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Lavanya spends her time constantly thinking about life, universe, and sustainability. Her entry into this space was the accidental result of an enquiry into the lives of women who make our clothes. She is most excited by the evolving narrative around ethical fashion in India. Not so long ago she studied economics, has recently started discovering Urdu, and will be happy to share the million pictures she has of her cat. As you can see, she's the serious one.

SUSS Ninjas

We'e supported by a network of passionate and creative volunteers who help make our events a success. Head to our past events page to see who's volunteered at our events!

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