SUSSout 05: Circularity

6th July 2019

The concept of Circular Economy (CE) has been gaining momentum across industries, especially the apparel industry. But what is the CE and how can it be applied to the fashion industry? Closed-loop manufacturing, cradle-to-cradle, design for disassembly, sharing economy - with so many buzzwords and interpretations being thrown around, it gets difficult to convince businesses, designers, entrepreneurs, students and consumers to fully understand CE and what it’s opportunities are for them. How can we take CE from a theoretical concept to a practical solution that individuals and organizations can apply? 


  • Lightning talks by experts in this space, where they presented for 5 minutes on their work in CE in fashion | Priyanka Khanna, Fashion For Good, Pragati Singhal, Designer, Conserve India, Anita Chester, Head of Raw Materials, C&A Foundation, Devyani Hari, Centre For Responsible Business.

  • Panel discussion | Circularity in the fashion industry in India | The need, scope, ideas, and work with the speakers.

  • Event Partner: Edbridge, Fashion For Good, Conserve India

SUSSout 04: Cultural Sustainability

28th April 2019

As fashion gets more accessible, cheaper and disposable, causing unmanageable harm to the environment, can we look to the past for solutions of the future? Cultural sustainability, often referred to as the fourth or luxury pillar of sustainability, can be a strong force in creating a slower, more inclusive and ecologically sound fashion industry. How can we foster collaboration with artisans and deliver better products? How do we preserve traditional crafts and create a bigger market for them? Is the fashion industry giving due credit to artisans? How big of an issue is cultural appropriation in the fashion industry? Can we create innovative and business models with artisans?


  • SUSS Workshop | Cultural entrepreneurship: Building shared fashion business models with artisans | a closed workshop led by Monica Both Moisin, the founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative for designers, business owners, students aiming to deliver businesses of the future.

  • Talk + Panel discussion | Cultural sustainability in India | Talk by Monica Both Moisin, founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative | Panelists: Alka Upadhyay, Additional Secretary, Department of Rural Development, Government of India, Asha Scaria, founder of Swara  a young fashion brand co-creating with artisans in Dungarpur, Rajasthan, and Sonica Sarna  who runs Sonica Sarna Design which engages with vulnerable artisan communities, certified organic fabrics and women’s empowerment programs.

  • Event Partner: The British Council, The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative, Fashion Revolution India

NIFT Edition: On 29th April Monica held a talk organized specially for students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi on cultural intellectual property rights in fashion. 

Garment Factory Tour: Shahi Exports

27th April 2019

As part of Fashion Revolution Week we organized a first-of-its-kind factory tour and interaction with garment factory workers at Shahi Exports, India's biggest apparel export house. Shahi owns over 60 manufacturing facilities across India. As a company started by a female entrepreneur, who herself was a sewing machine operator, there is a strong philosophy at Shahi of empowering the women who make our clothes and power the global fashion industry. The most beautiful moment for us was to see the makers and consumers of clothes come together, talk, and share ideas!

SUSSout 03: The Future of Fashion

13th January 2019

What is the future of clothing in India? Will we switch to wearing clothes made from bio-materials like milk? Will we be able to throw our t-shirt in the backyard and watch it decompose? Will we stop buying clothes all together and share wardrobes like we share cars? Will we go back to our roots of fixing, mending, and recycling more often? Will technological innovation allow us to continue making clothes like we do, but with minimal resources? It’s all possible! 


  • Film screening | The Next Black | a documentary that brings together designers, innovators and leaders from around the globe for an open discussion on the concept of clothing.

  • Panel discussion | Future of Fashion in India | Aman Kaushal and Payal Batra, Founders, Lionise, a clothing rental platform; Yuktie Jhangiani, Founder, Kosha, a sustainable travel wear brand; Madhurima Singh, Founder, Dhuri, a clothing brand using innovative bio materials and natural dyes.

  • Event Partner: Anti-Social

The Wardrobe of Stories: Delhi's Biggest Swap Fest

13th October 2018

This for That, India’s first fashion swapping platform and SUSS, hosted Delhi’s biggest swap fest, The Wardrobe of Stories. This festive season, we encouraged women to not buy something new, but do something. The result - 40 like-minded women got together to exchange over 100 pieces of clothing - sarees, shirts, pants, shoes, bags, accessories - all items they would otherwise buy. They opened up their treasured wardrobes to exchange not just beautiful pieces but memories, traditions, and stories. 

SUSSout 02: Un-waste - Talks, Upcycling Workshop, Mixer

1st July 2018

This event featured talks by Un-waste hustlers about how they’re working with waste to create cool, innovative products, followed by an upcycling workshop for participants to learn some tricks on using fabric waste at home to make jewelry. We also curated a SUSS mixer our over 50 attendees to share ideas, collaborate, and network.


  • First ever upcycled 'sneaker snapbacks' from old shoes | Talk + Q&A with Nishant Fogaat. 

  • Tackling poverty and plastic waste through upcycled fashion | Talk + Q&A with Kanika Ahuja, director, conserve india & founder, Lifaffa.

  • DIY upcycling workshop - waste to jewelry | by Swati Soharia. 

  • Event Partner: Anti Social

SUSSout 01: Films + Conversations on Sustainable Fashion

29th April 2018

Held in Delhi, SUSSOut 01 brought together a community of over 60 people involved or interested in sustainable fashion - as consumers, makers, designers, or students. Through film screenings and insightful conversations, the event was an opportunity for everyone to #sussout different facets of sustainable fashion, talk about new ideas, and explore unique ways to collaborate.


  • Film Screening: Looms of Ladakh | 20min | Concept: Abhilasha Bahuguna, G Prasanna Ramaswamy |Themes: Skills, Animal Fibers, Handlooms

  • This was followed by Q&A with Abhilasha Bahugunaa | 30 min | Co-Founder and Lead, Project Strategy and Brand Development, Looms of Ladakh

  • Film Screening: Unravel | 14min | Director: Meghna Gupta | Theme: Waste

  • Conversation with Kriti Tula | Founder, Doodlage | 30 min | Themes: Impact of fashion, waste, and upcycling

  • Event Partners: GreenStitched Offline, Fashion Revolution India and Tabula Beach Cafe